Mediant 800B E-SBC (8FXS/ 4FXO)

Mediant 800B E-SBC (8FXS/ 4FXO)



The AudioCodes Mediant 800B Enterprise Session Border Controller has 8 FXS and 4 FXO Voice Interfaces and 2 pairs of Active/Standby GE interfaces. It offers a complete VoIP solution for small-to-medium size enterprises, connecting IP-PBXs to any SIP trunking service provider. The Mediant 800B E-SBC (8FXS/ 4FXO) is your company’s first line of defense against malicious attacks on your VoIP phone system. Your VoIP phone system is like any other IP enabled network and it is prone to hackers. VoIP hackers can be a costly enemy, an Enterprise Session Border Controller, or E-SBC serves as a VoIP-specific firewall to protect your IP PBX from outside intruders. In addition, it offers manageability and service assurance.

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